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GreedFall expansion and next-gen version announced

Published: 23:25, 26 November 2020

Nacon saw some success with GreedFall and are continuing the game's journey through a partnership that should see future content through along with next-gen obligations.

GreedFall may not have been a hit of The Witcher 3 scale but the game did well for itself, the developers and publishers. It has sold more than a million copies in under 12 months which warranted more support in the future.

That support will manifest through an expansion, which we don't have much information about, unfortunately. What we do know is that Nacon partnered up with Focus Home Interactive and the latter will handle the "upcoming additional content and expansion" for GreedFall. With that statement, more DLC was confirmed besides the expansion.

Furthermore, Focus Home will see the releases on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S through and GreedFall will be integrated into Nacon's portfolio. The announcement did not specify whether this means we will be getting an upgraded version for the next-gen consoles, only that the game will be available on them.

That also means that if there turns out to be a new version, there is no confirmation on whether we will have to pay for it if we own GreedFall on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Focus Home Interactive Greedfall

PC players will probably not feel any of the changes as they have all the details and nuances already but there are still DLC and the expansion to look forward to.

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