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Othercide changes maps and adds a new mission type

Published: 23:45, 26 November 2020
Lightbulb Crew

Stylish turn-based RPG, Othercide, kicked off to acclaim from both critics and the players but the devs are not stopping yet and are refining the game with more updates.

Lightbulb Crew refreshed the world of turn-based RPGs with the style, unique gameplay mechanics and more aspects of their almost black and white game. That has not gone unnoticed and the title is sitting at 82 per cent positive reviews on Steam, where it's also at a 33 per cent discount until December 2020, and it seems like the devs are trying to fish out even more positive impressions.

The latest update is bringing Penance, a new type of mission which will show up during campaigns. It will force a balanced playstyle so banking on just offence or defence will not be the ideal way to go through. Swarms of enemies will approach the daughters and eventually start attacking them. 

The catch here is that each daughter needs to kill a specific number of enemies to fill the Penance gauge in order to be permitted to leave the battlefield. Therefore, having just one daughter reap the enemies will be the surefire way to failure since the remaining daughters will have to fight alone in order to reach Penance.

On top of the new mission type, Othercide players can look forward to changes in which maps can appear as this portion of the game has been rehashed and should add more replayability.

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