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Tropico 6 and El Presidente are back looking better than ever

Published: 22:24, 16 August 2018
Kalypso Media
A zeppellin flying over an island in Tropico 6 sim game
Tropico 6

Oh yeah - El Presidente is back in Tropico 6 with a gorgeous new trailer and Limbic Entertainment announced that the game launches on Steam in January 2019, while console versions, presumably PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will come later.

Not much later though, as Limbic Entertainment says Tropico 6 should hit consoles in summer 2019, although if you're a fan, you're probably grumbling sarcastic comments by now. Nevertheless, from what we've seen in the trailer, it looks like the wait will be every bit worth it.

For the first time in Tropico 6's rich dictatorial history, the game will be using Epic Games' Unreal Engine. This really seems like one of the wisest developer choices these days, not least for minimal fuss in porting your games to whatever you choose.

And of course, how can we disregard the gorgeous visuals in Tropico 6's trailer. The game's environments have never looked better and are holding up both from afar and in close ups, which is a fair guarantee that your El Dictatorial career will look grand every step of the way. Did I say El Dictatorial? I mean El Presidential.  

Speaking of the environment, Tropico 6 will deliver yet another first for the franchise, which is playing on large archipelagos and managing multiple islands simultaneously. After all, why should only one island enjoy the benevolence of your, ahem, progressive views on leadership.

Tropico 6 will have you commanding a bunch of agents, who'll be stealing all sorts of wonders and monuments from foreign countries, as long as they'll look good in your palace. El Presidente's palace is more customisable too, as you can also see from the trailer. As was the case with Tropico 5, the new instalment has four player competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes.

Kalypso Media A view of a tropical island from above in Tropico 6 sim game Tropico 6

As for the remainder of Tropico 6's gameplay, it's pretty much the proven Tropico formula with a few additions here and there, all wrapped in shiny new looks. Expect to be building transport and communication infrastructure, much of which the dev says is brand new, and other things that make you a good El Presidente.

Tropico 6, El Presidente returns in Unreal Engine garments

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Tropico 6

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