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GOG talks its stance on DRM, sounds like it will still allow some

Published: 06:55, 18 March 2022
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GOG recently saw some controversy over allowing games with partial DRM onto the store and the company tried explaining their process behind the decision.

GOG's main selling point is that the storefront is DRM-free. This has proven to be a great thing for many gaming enthusiasts but just like anything else, this policy didn't last forever.

In 2021, Hitman GOTY Edition was released on the storefront with a ton of online-only DRM which caused a severe backlash. Not long after the outcry, GOG removed the game but the shadows of doubt persisted. To that end, the company recently spoke about the future goals and how the storefront will work.

The post is pretty length but can be boiled down to three main points:

  • Singleplayer mode of any game will have to be accessible offline
  • Purchased games can never be taken from the account or altered against the client's will
  • GOG Galaxy client will remain optional for single-player offline mode

However, the matter of multiplayer still remains. GOG will not be removing games that require internet for the multiplayer functionality as this would be a step too far but such information will be clearly displayed so the players can make informed purchases.

That said, it sounds like cosmetics will slip through the cracks in the near future, which could potentially open up another alley for DRM to sneak up on GOG.

IO Interactive Hitman 3 screenshot showing Tactical Turtleneck Hitman series is great but features some rather painful DRM

Such scenarios are still hypothetical and only time will tell if they will become reality.

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