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Ghost of a Tale is going out of Early Access soon

Published: 16:28, 27 February 2018
Poster for Ghost of a Tale showing the minstrel mouse protagonist looking at a dungeon wall.
Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is a one man project stealth adventure game developed by SeithCG. It has been enjoying some success in its Early Access stage on Steam with 96 per cent positive reviews and is being released on 13 March 2018.

Rodent minstrels usually don't have much appeal as game protagonists but the man behind Ghost of a Tale, Lionel Gallat, certainly made a cute one. The mouse protagonist's name is Tilo and he's usually hiding from potential dangers while advancing the story.

Gallat's original inspiration was ''trying to capture the sense of wonder'' from the time when he was a child. Having a miniscule protagonist certainly helped propel that goal, as everything in the game looks huge and wondrous.

The game starts when Tilo is thrown into a dungeon by rats who are bigger and stronger than him. He will be trying to crawl out of it by outsmarting his jailers and being fast on his feet. Gallat was quoted saying he will try to deliver his vision in a AAA package as much as he could, which is evident from the game's beautiful scenery and rather colourful characters. 

SeithCG Screenshot from Ghost of a Tale displaying the game's scenery in a sunshine filled lush green forest . Ghost of a Tale - experiencing beauty of the nature from a tiny creature's point of view.

While the game will be available on PC within two weeks, console version will have to wait. A release date for consoles is not confirmed, with Gallat only saying they will be coming ''later this year''.

There is no planned Switch port at this moment as it appears mr Gallat is focusing on one thing at a time.

SeithCG Screenshot from Ghost of a Tale showing Tilo the protagonist mouse in what appears to be a mouse kitchen made of stone. Ghost of a Tale - What's cooking? A console version maybe?

Right now the game costs £14.99 on Steam but the price is expected to go up to £19.99 once the game gets released on 13 March 2018.

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