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Genshin Impact leak reveals buffs to Electro Elemental reactions

Published: 12:47, 02 March 2021
a screenshot from the game Genshin Impact
Could this make Fischl the best 4-star?

A recent tweet from a popular Genshin Impact leaker revealed some interesting upcoming changes for the Electro element. Electro-Charged and Overloaded will apparently get some major buffs.

Triggering Elemental reactions is one of the main fighting mechanics in Genshin Impact. In the world of Teyvan, there are seven different elements, and by combining them you can trigger nine different elemental reactions which can cause the enemy to take more damage.

Electro has often been criticized to be the weakest element because of the lackluster reactions it can trigger. As for now, there are five possible Elemental reactions electro can cause:

  • Electro-Charged - in combination with Hydro
  • Overloaded - in combination with Pyro
  • Supercunduct - in combination with Cryo
  • Crystallize - in combination with Geo
  • Swirl - in combination with Anemo 

According to a popular Genshin Impact leaker named zluet , Overload and Electro-Charged could get buffed in the foreseeable future:

Increasing Overload damage to shields by 2.5 times would significantly improve the state of Electro in the game, especially in the Spiral Abyss. Giving a 20 per cent electro resistance decrease to targets affected by Electro-Charged will come in handy while fighting a larger group of mobs, as well as when focusing on a larger and stronger enemy.

Mihoyo A screenshot from the game genshin impact Is Pyro the strongest element right now?

The only downside of this update could be the timing, considering that the Keqing banner is already over which means that it will get much harder to acquire the only Electro five-star DPS. However, two of the arguably strongest four-star electro characters, Razor and Fischl will surely become even more popular in the game. We haven't seen a banner featuring Razor since Zhongli's departure, which means that there is a big chance that he gets his drop rate up after Hu Tao's banner ends.

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