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Genshin Impact update announcement confirms Venti banner re-run for 1.4?

Published: 11:37, 04 March 2021
Updated: 11:44, 04 March 2021
A screenshot from the game Genshin Impact featuring Venti
Are you saving for Venti?

A picture of the official Genshin Impact update 1.4 announcement featuring Venti among other characters which was posted by a credible leaker confirms the Venti banner re-run?

A release of a new character is probably one of the most anticipated events a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to. But sadly, once a new five-star character arrives, his banner stays in the game for 10-15 days, and if you miss your chance of pulling, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to acquire him/her anytime soon.

However, with the recent release of Keqing banner, miHoYo made a strong statement that they will make some changes by introducing rate-up banners that will allow us to pull for already obtainable characters. A most recent tweet from a credible Genshin Impact leaker called NEP NEP revealed miHoYo's announcement for the upcoming 1.4 update.

The most interesting thing about the official announcement picture is that it features two five-star characters - Jean and Venti. Fans have immediately started guessing that both of the characters will have their separate banner in the following update. Another credible leaker called zluet revealed an interesting leak two weeks ago predicting a Venti re-run.

Venti's Ballad in Goblets banner was the first one to be introduced to the game and considering that the player-base wasn't as big back then, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he becomes the first five-star to get an exclusive character banner re-run.

miHoYo Genshin Impact character Rosaria Rosaria will most likely not be on the first banner in 1.4

If the rumor ends up being true, there is a variety of four-star characters that could make him company on the banner and according to some unwritter rules, here are our predictions:

  • Venti
  • Razor - was not part of a banner since Zhongli
  • Sucrose - was not part of a banner since Albedo and she shares the same talent ascension materials as Venti
  • Noelle - was not featured on a banner since Ganyu
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