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Gears 5 has the biggest campaign in the history of the franchise

Published: 15:56, 02 September 2019
Gears 5

According to The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson, Gears 5 will have the biggest singleplayer campaign in the history of Gears of War franchise. Fergusson also said that some Gears 5 levels are fifty times bigger than any Gears of War level.

As players are getting ready to dive into Gears 5 this week and are pre-loading the game to have everything up and ready once the servers go live, The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson and Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb hosted a panel at PAX West in Seattle, where they talked about the upcoming shooter.

Fergusson revealed a lot of new details about the game, focusing primarily on the singleplayer campaign and how Gears 5 compares to some earlier games in the popular franchise. 

The Coalition boss said that when it comes to the campaign, Gears 5 will be the biggest game in the series. It's the largest and deepest story that The Coalition ever built Fergusson confirmed. Furthermore, The Act 3 level in Gears 5 is fifty times bigger than any level in previous Gears of War instalments.

"What players will see in Act 2 and Act 3 of the campaign is that you'll be able to use the Skiff to traverse the largest levels we've ever built. You know, in some cases, the levels are 50-times bigger than any previous Gears level," Fergusson explained.

Act 2 is Gears 5's icy and snowy location while Act 3 is where true Gears 5 size can be seen. It's a beautiful blood-red desert with tons of missions, collectables and points of interests. Simply, it's the biggest area in Gears history.

Additionally, there are several other details that Hryb and Fergusson revealed at Pax West. They talked about the Horde mode, which will apparently be the deepest Horde mode ever and players will also get to build maps for the mode with The Map Builder.

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Gears 5 is officially launching on 10 September 2019 for PC and Xbox One or 06 September 2019 for those of you with Game Pass Ultimate.

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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