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Gears 5 dev tweaks Horde Frenzy XP, St Patrick's event in full swing

Published: 18:46, 12 March 2020
gears 5 screenshot showing Shamrock Loadout
Shamrock Loadout

We guess it's only fitting that it's St Patrick's Event, as The Coalition announced tweaks to Gears 5's Horde Frenzy returns, along with a free week of Boost and Double Horde Character XP. As for the Horde Frenzy returns, in short - expect more.

Dubbing it the Wednesday Tuning Pass, the dev is tuning Gears 5's Horde Frenzy returns, so as to address the progression concerns some players had. The latest update was deployed server-side and it:

  • Significantly increased base Character XP gains    
  • Doubled Skill Drop rewards for full Horde Frenzy completions

Gears 5 players should find Horde Frenzy to be one of the most efficient ways to level up characters and/or grab Skill Cards in Horde. 

"Finally, to address a few comments we’ve seen online, we are happy to confirm Horde Frenzy is a permanent addition and not just a special event. We’ll be adding more maps to the playlist with the launch of Operation 3, followed by enabling Horde Frenzy in Custom Lobbies as soon as the relevant UI / tech work has been completed", The Coalition wrote. 

Gears 5's last update started a week of Free Boost, which earns you double MP experience, double Character Experience and double Supply gain rates. 

As for St Patrick's Event, Gears 5 players will get to experience the random Arms Race mayhem of Luck of the Draw, which is a variant of Arms Race that mixes up the order weapon order every match. Additionally, there's a Shamrock loadout weapon skin that they can earn.

The Coalition Gears 5 character Kantus Gears 5, Kantus

Horde Frenzy was introduced in the last update, the Title Update 4.2, and you can learn more about the exact changes here

As for The Coalition's Wednesday Tuning Pass, you can learn more on the official website .

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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