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Games that failed to age well

Published: 09:32, 10 July 2017
Core Design
Tomb Raider 1996

Time is cruel. Even to your childhood memories. This fact is never as obvious as when you pick up your favourite game from some 20 years ago only to find that your childhood imagination was the best graphics card you will ever have.

So last week I made a short list of . This week we're going in the opposite direction, mainly because I'm running out of ideas. Next week, expect a quiz: tell us your favourite brand of nail-clippers and we'll tell you what  you like most. Plus, if you answer the bonus question we'll tell you how many eyelashes you have on your third eye.

Since I have places to be today and that fact is weirding me out, let's get on with the list. Regular disclaimer: the list is in no way complete and it is in no particular order.

PlayStation PlayStation 1 PlayStation 1

Crash Bandicoot (1996)

Original platform: PlayStation 1

Ah Crash Bandicoot, you orange, genetically modified marsupial you. When this game came out in 1996, the DualShock controllers weren't a thing yet so it had to be played with a d-pad. The controls were bad, especially because they demanded a great deal of precision for one of the first platformers.

The world wasn't ready. In fact, after 21 years, the original still plays badly, and  that came out last week did nothing to mend the issue.

Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot 1996 Crash Bandicoot 1996

GoldenEye 007 (1997)

Original platform: N64

This game had a lot going for it when it came out: awesome weapon design, a local multiplayer, and a good campaign. The fact it was based on a Bond movie just gave everyone a sense of familiarity with the character and the story. It's downfall? The controls. GoldenEye 007 was a FPS on a console that didn't have an adequate controller for a FPS. 

GoldenEye 007 was quickly replaced by games with better controls such as Halo and Call of Duty.

Reddit agrees:

Rare GoldenEye 007 1997 GoldenEye 007 1997

Tomb Raider (1996)

Original platform: PlayStation 1

Crash Bandicoot level of difficulty when the controls are concerned, and level design does nothing to make up for that. It was a hard game to play back then and it is even harder now. If you're unconvinced, here you go, Tomb Raider's  level. Free to play in your browser. Enjoy.

Core Design Tomb Raider 1996 Tomb Raider 1996

Resident Evil (1996)

Original platform: PlayStation 1

You already know the drill. Difficult controls and bad graphics. However, the game was successfully remastered back in 2015 and it is now available for 3 and 4,  and for PC via

Capcom Resident Evil 1996 Resident Evil 1996

Silent Hill (1999)

Original platform: PlayStation 1

The first Silent Hill introduced us to the unsettling world of psychological horror, and it was a more intelligent option than the previous entry on this list. Deep as it may be, it didn't stand the test of time. The first game was poorly acted, the graphics are hard to look at, and compared to the game's sequel, the story is sub-par. 

screenshot showing a man running Silent Hill 1999 Silent Hill 1999

That would be all for today. What did I miss?

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