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Full Godfall gameplay trailer leaks online

Published: 14:00, 21 January 2020
Shot from the leaked Godfall trailer showing a character looking at a big city
Shot from the leaked internal trailer

A full gameplay trailer of Counterplay Games' action RPG Godfall has appeared online. According to the leaker, the minute-long video is an internal trailer used by the developer in early 2019.

Yesterday, a Reddit user who goes by the name of YeaQuarterDongIng shared . In the video, we got to see several new locations, enemies but also a first glimpse at the game's combat.

Today, YeaQuarterDongIng decided to upload the full video, which packs a lot more gameplay and yet unveiled locations. It's a minute-long video and the Redditor claims that Counterplay Games allegedly used the trailer internally in early 2019.

Now, we don't know if this is indeed the case or not but the trailer is legit and it is pretty similar to the short clips we got at the reveal. Of course, since we are talking about a year old video, it is safe to say that Godfall looks much better now. Redditor suggests that the footage definitely does not represent the final look of the game. 

Whether Counterplay Games and the publisher Gearbox Software now decide to release an official trailer it remains to be seen but it definitely would not surprise us if something fresh dropped in the upcoming days. Also, it is possible that we see more Godfall footage at the rumoured PlayStation 5 reveal event, which is set to take place sometime in February 2020.

Godfall is confirmed for PC and PlayStation 5 but it does not have a specific release date. We only know it should arrive during holiday season 2020. You can watch the full trailer on .

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