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Godfall's PC version will launch on Epic Games Store, no word of Steam

Published: 15:14, 22 January 2020
Counterplay Games
Godfall character in futuristic armour
Godfall by Counterplay Games

All the hype that arose around Counterplay Games' action-RPG Godfall looks more than justified after seeing the gameplay, even though it's a year-old internal presentation, but we've got some bad news for Steam exclusivists.

While responding to the massive surge of interest in Godfall's leaked gameplay, Counterplay Games revealed that their game will be launching on PlayStation 5 and PC, but the latter will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. 

"Godfall will launch on both PS5 & PC on the Epic Games Store" they tweeted while commenting on the . Several fans enquired whether we're looking at a timed exclusive, which seems to be the most likely course of action, but the dev simply said that they'll share more info at a later date.

In the meantime, they also confirmed that what Godfall combat we've seen in the video is and that the actual game looks and behaves much better. Seeing as how we were pretty impressed with what we've seen, our hype-factor really increased a notch now. 

Even Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford, whose company's publishing branch will be releasing Godfall, confirmed that it's just internal presentation footage, in case you've had any doubts. 

"Wow! I can confirm that the Godfall 'trailer' is actually year-old PC footage used as part of an internal presentation at Counterplay. I’m pumped by the reactions and I cannot wait for you see how far the game has come and how awesome this game looks and plays on Playstation 5", he wrote. 

Counterplay Games Several futuristic-clad figures looking at a totem in Godfall Godfall, Reveal Trailer

For the sake of people who insist on sticking with Steam at any cost, we really hope that Godfall will be a timed exclusive. One thing is for certain though, Epic are definitely not taking their foot off the gas, and they're looking way ahead.

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Godfall, action-RPG by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing

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Godfall by Counterplay Games

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