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New Godfall gameplay leak shows brutal yet gorgeous combat

Published: 14:17, 20 January 2020
Godfall screenshot showing a character with huge weapon

A brand new gameplay video of Godfall's combat has been leaked on Reddit. It is a pretty short video but still enough to set you in the mood for some sweet next-gen action.

Not a lot has been said about Godfall, the upcoming action-RPG developed by Counterplay Games ever since the official reveal in December 2019 at The Game Awards show. A short teaser was also revealed back then, giving us a first glimpse at the game's visual style and gameplay.

Today, a brand new leak surfaced on Reddit, revealing another fraction of the footage from yet unreleased trailer. It is safe to say that the footage looks pretty legit and very similar to the first teaser. It shows a couple of new areas that players will get to explore and on top of this, there are new enemies and attack moves showcased aswell.

Reddit user YeaQuarterDongIng who posted the video claims that the shared footage was going to be used for a trailer but in the end it was dropped for an unknown reason.

Judging by the six seconds footage, Godfall will be one gorgeous-looking game but of course, not everything is about graphics these days and we hope that Counterplay Games' title will not be just one of those PlayStation 5 tech demo titles.

It is possible that we see more Godfall footage at the rumoured PlayStation 5 reveal event, which is coming sometime in February 2020. This one is yet to be officially confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt until we get more info.

Godfall is currently scheduled to release in late 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PC. You can watch the full video on .

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