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You won't need PS Plus subscription to play Godfall solo after all

Published: 10:28, 07 October 2020
Counterplay Games
Godfall character in futuristic armour
Godfall by Counterplay Games

Gearbox Software have confirmed that you will not need PlayStation Plus subscription to play their upcoming hack and slash title Godfall in single-player.

Earlier this week, rumours suggested that the upcoming PlayStation 5 action RPG Godfall will require PlayStation Plus subscription, even if you want to play the single-player campaign. Since the game features co-op, where you can jump straight into the action with other players, many feared that PS Plus will be mandatory, regardless of the mode.

However, that won't be the case. Gearbox software officially confirmed this via Godfall Twitter that you will not need PS Plus subscription to play single-player campaign. When asked if PS Plus is needed to play solo, Godfall Twitter replied:

"Correct, you do not need PS Plus to play solo."

This will certainly be good news for those who have already pre-ordered the game or plan to get it if the reviews turn out to be positive. 

In case you are not familiar with Godfall, it's one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5. The game is also coming to PC but Xbox Series X | S version is yet to be announced. However, since Godfall is only a timed-exclusive for PS5, it's probably only a matter of time before Gearbox Software officially announce their game for Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

Godfall is a high fantasy setting title, where players take the role of one of the last exalted Knight's Order to prevent a major apocalyptic event. 

Godfall, action-RPG by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing

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Godfall by Counterplay Games

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