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From Software are reportedly working on another PlayStation exclusive

Published: 10:51, 12 August 2021
picture showing charachter from bloodborne walking towards a lighthouse

According to the latest rumours, Dark Souls and Elden Ring creators From Software are developing another PlayStation exclusive.

From Software and Sony have had a strong relationship for many many years which resulted in PlayStation exclusive titles like Demon's Souls, Bloodborne and Deracine.

The legendary Japanese studio have worked closely with Sony on these games and most of them have received critical acclaim, especially Bloodborne, which is considered as one of the greatest PlayStation exclusives ever.

And according to the latest rumours, it looks like the friendship between From Software and Sony is set to continue in the next generation of consoles.

The rumour started making rounds on Twitter,  stating that the same source who revealed Ghost of Tsushima Iki island DLC, has revealed that From Software are working on a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

The exclusive is not Bloodborne 2 and could be launching in 2022/2023.

Additionally, industry insider Shpeshal Nick confirmed that he was about to talk about this rumour in the Xbox Era podcast next week.

deracine screenshot deracine screenshot From Software already released a bunch of PlayStation exclusives, including VR title Deracine

At this moment, there are no additional details about the game so we suggest you take everything with a grain of salt until Sony officially confirm that From Software are indeed making another PlayStation exclusive.

Sony are also rumoured to be hosting a State of Play event on August 19, which could be the place for such a big reveal.

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