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Demon's Souls Remake will feature up to six network players

Published: 09:14, 19 September 2020
Demon's Souls screenshot showing trees and castle
Demon's Souls

Bluepoint's upcoming remake of the iconic Demon's Souls will feature up to six network players, it's been confirmed. The original game only had up to four players, including the host, two phantoms and one invader .

Demon's Souls Remake is, as expected, one of the most anticipated games this year. A visually overhauled action RPG by BluePoint Games certainly looks stunning in the screenshots and gameplay footage we got to see on PlayStation 5 events.

However, in addition to gorgeous graphics, the game will also feature some other neat improvements. One of them is the increased number of network players, which many Demon's Souls fans will appreciate. The remake will have up to six network players, as stated at the bottom of the pre-order page . It's safe to say that six players should allow for some interesting multiplayer scenarios.

The original only had up to four players including the host, two phantoms and one invader, similar to how Dark Souls 1, 2 and Bloodborne also work.  Dark Souls 3 is the first FromSoftware game to allow six network players and it even added a PvP arena in its first DLC. We wonder if Demon's Souls will also have something similar.

Sony Demon's Souls Remake screenshot showing a warrior in a narrow coridor Demon's Souls Remake

All in all, Demon's Souls remake is turning out to be a proper title for all fans of the Souls genre and potentially those who never dared to touch these challenging titles. 

Demon's Souls is an exclusive for PlayStation 5 and also a launch title for the console. It's coming on November 12, 2020. For more news about the title, check out the official cover art here.

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