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Fortnite World Cup is kicking off on 13 April 2019 with Solos

Published: 22:52, 28 March 2019
Epic Games
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Although the date of Fortnite World Cup was announced earlier, Epic Games have now announced the official rules for the competition. So, the first week of Online Opens will kick off on 13 April 2019 with Solos, while Duos come in week two.

Even if you're gunning for a specific mode of play, you shouldn't worry because Epic will keep alternating Solos and Duos for the remaining 10 weeks of Online Open.

Fortnite's has added the Arena, which is an always-on mode that lets you compete at your own convenience. "If you can climb to the top, you'll unlock access to the Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournaments", Epic wrote.

Saturdays are reserved for Online Open Semi-Finals, which will be held in a three-hour window that depends on your location. Once the three hours are up, 3,000 of top-ranked Fortnite players will advance to Sunday.

Just like Epic , each week will bring $1 million in prize pool money and Online Open Finals are a way to win them.

The finals will also be held in a three-hour window, where the aforementioned players' scores will be reset. "After the three-hour window closes, winners will be verified and the top performing players will be notified of cash prizes earned from a $1,000,000 prize pool", Epic said.

Although each week will have a $1 million prize pool, the prizes will be distributed more widely, so don't expect a singular $1m win.

As for the point system, Victory Royale carries 10 points, 2-5th place is 7 points, 6-15th place is 5 points, 16-25th is 3 points, with every elimination carrying 1 point. Duos are basically the same, just divide the positions by two two accommodate for two players.

Epic warned that you must be 13 to participate, which actually may change according to your country of residence, so expect at least requiring a guardian's permission.

Epic Games Schedule for Fortnite World Cup, Online Open Fortnite Online Open, schedule

Additionally, your account must be at least level 15. If you're planning on giving Fornite Open a go, you'd do well to browse over Epic's rules on the official website .


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