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Fortnite goes 1920s gangster style with the drum gun

Published: 15:33, 03 July 2018
Epic Games
Newly added Fortnite: Battle Royale weapon called Drum Gun
Fortnite, Drum Gun

Epic Mega Games have rolled out the 4.5 content update for their global addiction called Fortnite: Battle Royale and even though it's a bit on the skimpy side, there's still one valuable addition with plenty of character - the drum gun.

As you can see, Epic went full 1920s prohibition style, when every gangster and their gangster grandmother had a tommy gun laying around. I reckon that using the name tommy gun was a bit of a slippery slope for Fortnite's lawyers, what with the gun being a trademark of the US gun maker Thompson.

Either way, Epic describes the drum gun as a hybrid between the rifle and SMG, boasting the stopping power of the former and the fire rate and "suppressive ability" of the latter. Also, we don't need to point out the actual drumfull of ammo, do we?

The drum gun comes in uncommon and rare variants, which inflict 26 and 27 damage, respectively. The magazine packs 50 rounds of medium ammo, which sounds just peachy for those suppressive fire and spray 'n pray scenarios.

Fortnite's lovely new gangster gun can be found on floor loot, in chests and purchased from vending machines. We're not sure whether it comes served cold but we somehow doubt it, at least not when done right.

Epic seem to have focused the content update 4.5 on Fortnite: Save the World though, since they've added the stink bomb, herald pistols and the Lynx assault rifle. The latter two have been added to the weekly store, while the stink bomb comes as is. Well, Epic does guarantee you it will stink.

The dev has finally found a way to make Playground LTM work as well, releasing it properly this time around. As you can imagine, all Fortcraft lovers flooded in, although we're yet to conduct a proper search for the most creative projects out there.

Epic Games Fortnite's private eye-themed cosmetics from update 4.5 Fortnite

As usual, data miners have long the 4.5 content update, uncovering a bunch of cosmetics that have since been added to Fortnite. Is it just me or did Epic hit the nail on the head with the private eye, investigator noir theme?

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