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Fortnite patch adds Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium consumables

Published: 13:44, 18 September 2018
Epic Games
Latest consumable added to Fortnite Playground, the Spiky Stadium
Fortnite, Spiky Stadium

When Epic say it's coming soon - it's coming soon and Fortnite's patch 5.41 has added Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium to the game, although the latter will only be available in Fortnite's creative mode. Port-a-Fortress is a beast though.

Epic wrote in the patch notes that Fortnite's Port-a-Fortress grenade or consumable, whichever you may prefer, is huge and they weren't kidding. As you can see, it dwarves the Port-a-Fort and even comes with bounce pads for easy exit, which should come in handy when you just need to, ahem, tidy up. 

Of course, all this fortressness won't be as frequent on Fortnite's battlefields, since we're looking at a legendary rarity type of item. It can be found in vending machines, chests, supply drops and llamas and using it is as simple as throwing a grenade. Do watch where you're throwing it though - you do want to reach it alive, don't you?

As for the second consumable of the day, say hi to Spiky Stadium, a 7x11 size arena that's chock full of damage traps and bounce pads. At the moment, it's only available in Fortnite's Playground, for obvious reasons.

It can only be found in red supply drops "along with a ton of impulse grenades", which should give you a hint on what Epic wants you to do with it. In fact, it's possible that the Spiky Stadium may even grow into a Fortnite mini-game of sorts, because it already looks as silly as it is fun. The good kind of silly of course.

Epic wrote that they were "inspired by the amazing things you've been making within Playground, and cannot wait to see what you create" next. All in all, Fortnite's creative mode is shaping up to be a treat indeed, not least for players instinctively yet Epic's changes.

Epic Games Fortnite's new consumable called Port-a-Fortress Fortnite, Port-a-Fortress

As usual, there's a few bug fixes and user interface tweaks, with perhaps the only gameplay-related addition being the edge glow around wall bounce pads that's visible from the rear. This will help you know where to leap from to fly and where to leap from to die. That even rhymed.

You can read Fortnite's full 5.41 patch notes .

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