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Fortnite servers down, tremble mortals, Thanos is coming

Published: 10:36, 08 May 2018
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Fortnite Battle Royale: Shrines will be thematic, devs say.

Fortnite's servers will be down soon, which means we're this close to the latest surprise from Epic's corner - their crossover with the Avengers: Infinity Wars. So,Thanos himself is coming, and it'sno skin either - it's the big man himself.

Epic's tweet from yesterday, 07 May 2018, announced that the company will be taking down Fortnite's servers but they refrained from giving estimates. The tweet did say "there will be downtime", so it's safe to expect three to four hours at least.

Fortnite's down time is expected to add a limited timed crossover mode featuring Thanos, the main villain from the latest and greatest of superhero flicks, the Avengers: Infinity Wars. They even used the Infinity Gauntlet to justify Thanos', ahem, excursion.

Apparently, the player that finds the Gauntlet becomes Thanos himself, superpowers and good looks included. Thanos he will remain as well, until he's killed and succeeded by another Fortnite player. Naturally, that won't be easy and it is quite likely we'll be seeing players passively working together, at least until the little fellow has been taken down.

The idea was actually born during editing sessions for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity Wars, when co-directors used their creative breaks to run around Epic's battle royale phenomenon. After a few phone calls, meetings and brainstorming sessions, the incoming mode was born.

Fortnite: Battle Royale recently saw its files data mined, revealing ahead of schedule. The challenges even include , as if providing them wasn't reason enough to dip your toes into some Fortnite already. The game has already attracted a cinematography following, with Epic's only recently.

Epic Games Poster for Fortnite and the Avengers crossover Fortnite meets Thanos

On a related note, there has been talk that Epic are ready to roll out Fortnite for Android devices really soon, although we're not sure whether it will start as invite only. You may recall that was the case with the game's iOS launch, even though you would never tell from looking at .

Perhaps it's time for bets on how long can Epic keep this run going?

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Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale strikes a perfect balance between realism and fun, despite the somewhat casual feel. Whatever your flavour is, the game's got it. Shooting? Building? More shooting? Boogie Bombs? What would you need kind sir?

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