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Fortnite Mobile now runs on Epic Games App

Published: 09:42, 04 June 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite, Renegade Shadow Outfit
Fortnite, Renegade Shadow Outfit

Tim Sweeney's dislike of having Fortnite on Google or Apple's stores is not exactly secret and now the game will run on Epic Games App, after the CEO previously announced it coming to Android devices.

Epic Games' founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, recently talked with GameSpot , revealing that he intends to bring the company's store to iOS devices. He seemed more certain about getting it to Android first and now it has become reality.

Fortnite Mobile now uses Epic Games App instead of the regular game launcher. Considering that Sweeney was never really a fan of using Google Play or App Store and advocated Fortnite's independence, introducing EGS to the platform was the next logical move.

That said, a Google Play version of Fortnite mobile has indeed been launched recently and it will remain as it is. Those who didn't go for the Google Play version are familiar with the Epic Games launcher app so not much will change for them. It will now serve as the basis for the Epic Games Store on Android.

In case you logged in and found some slight differences from the last time you launched Fortnite Mobile, this is likely the reason. Other than that, you are unlikely to encounter any experience-changing alterations.

Epic Games Fortnite character standing in a smartphone looking at a pile of money. Epic Games might be able to bypass the other stores' cut now

If we were to hazard a guess, it's highly likely Epic's policy will be the same on iOS devices where the company will try to bypass the App Store. 

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