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Llamas pop up in Europe, Epic's agents give out strange numbers

Published: 14:28, 10 July 2018
Montage of Fortnite's in-game llamas appearing across Europe
Fortnite, Llamas

Well Epic is definitely going big in Fortnite: Battle Royale's Season 5 and the newly appeared in-game teaser saying "Worlds Collide" sounds about right, what with llamas, Durrr Burgers and Fortnite agents popping up all over the map.

No not Fortnite's map, since these objects have mostly been disappearing from in-game locations, only to appear in real life ones. The llamas have so far appeared in Barcelona, Warsaw, Cologne, London and Cannes, with users reporting more by the hour.

Moreover, the real life Durrr Burger locations feature Epic's agents giving out cards with the number (712) 380-4091. Calling it results in 90s modem-like sounds but thankfully, this didn't stop Fortnite's reddit hordes from decoding them although it remains to be seen to what success rate.

One clever user put the audio through a spectrogram, a visual representation of audio waveforms, which produced clearly visible numbers, pointing at what looks to be another real life location , France.

Another piece of audio shows 067 0000111, which when decoded with ASCII and binary, respectively, says C7, which would be Greasy Grove, home to the now gone Durrr Burger model. Well, of course.

The only thing we can say for sure at the moment is what Epic said on Fortnite's in-game splash screen, where they teased that the Season 5 is when "Worlds Collide". After all, the comet crash didn't really go so well and was ultimately miles off of what actually went down, even if it was a pretty cool example of dedication to the Megagames' mega game.

Epic's latest tease of Season 5 also either features Egyptian deity Bastet or a Japanese Kitsune mask, although I'm leaning towards the former, suggesting there will be more worlds that are colliding here.

AltChar Montage showing Fortnite's Durrr Burger in game and real life Fortnite, Durrr Burger

Ultimately, I've got to admit that the meta Epic has been building around Fortnite is turning into some delightful scavenger hunts that the internet is having a field day with. While I'm usually not a big fan of non-game related hype, Epic are really doing it in style and I've never smiled more for being wrong about something.

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