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Fortnite is getting new grappler weapon and Getaway LTM

Published: 10:38, 03 September 2018
Updated: 11:44, 03 September 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite's upcoming outfit called the Wild Card

As part of the ongoing PAX West, Epic unveiled the next event for their global addiction Fortnite: Battle Royale called High Stakes, which brings a new weapon in grappler gun, new mode Getaway LTM and an outfit to match called Wild Card.

As far as the grappling gun goes, it's pretty self explanatory - point at where you want to go and shoot. Grappler is likely to be a huge hit with pros and amateurs alike, although the former should make much more use of it. You know, just in case you haven't been wrecked enough by their jump pad escapades.

Getaway LTM is looking to shake up Fortnite's gameplay a bit with the mode centred around four safes hidden in supply drops. Your team must find the safes, unload its jewel llama contents and scram to the extraction zone, preferably with your head still on your shoulders.

Naturally, it sounds simpler than it is, since all the remaining teams will be doing the same. It does explain the name Getaway though, hinting at the old-school gangster robberies, except Fortnite's best bet at keep the car running is the ATK golf cart. Unless you think the shopping cart will look glorious enough of course.

Along with the grappler gun and Getaway LTM comes the aptly named Wild Card outfit. The four Jason-goes-gambling outfits you see below are the same Wild Card outfit with four masks, representing each of the gambling suits.

I'd normally comment on how the colour will make you stand out more than you'd like, but I've been killed by that pink bear looking thing more times than I'd like to admit, so yeah. They're good looking, I've got to give 'em that.

Epic Games Fortnite's upcoming outfit called Wild Card Fortnite, one Wild Card outfit, four masks

Epic Games are still busy with PAX West and while they announced all of these via Fortnite's' twitter account, expect to see the more details on the grappler gun and Getaway limited time mode on the official website soon.

Fortnite's twitter feed showed off some new hippie looking outfits and emotes, which you can .

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