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Fortnite bug has Thanos constructing and using weapons

Published: 19:30, 15 May 2018
Photoshop of Thanos from Fortnite, carrying a weapon and pickaxe
Fortnite's Armed Thanos

We've got to admit to letting off an evil chuckle after seeing a reddit user called FineNova abusing the heck out of a bug he found in Fortnite, which allows Thanos to construct stuff and shoot weapons like it's nobody's business.

On the video below, you can see Thanos comfortably strolling around Fortnite's map, building as he pleases and switching around weapons. His inventory, although invisible, seems pretty fine to us, as Thanos didn't seem to lack firepower or general muscle.

It's unclear how the Thanos bug came about, although the video holds some cues. It doesn't take a keen observer to notice there was no standard Thanos animation that comes with picking up the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite, although at this point it's anyone's guess as to why it actually occurred.

If you happen to find the idea of an armed Thanos running at your Fortnite persona as terrifying as we do, then we should calm your nerves. Namely, the bug seems to be very hard to replicate so it's still very rare. So rare in fact that it seems to have happened to only one Fortnite player, at least that we know off.

Perhaps karma was a you-know-what in this case though, because FineNova still ended up losing that particular round of Fortnite, over a thing as mundane as a storm circle. Not that I'd have anything to fault him for, because I think I'm the world champion in getting caught by circles.

Nevertheless, we're pretty sure that Epic will have the answer soon, or at least a reaction. Of course, the bug is admittedly funny but even then - its hilarity probably fades once you've found yourself on the receiving end of Thanos' Fortnite fury.

Epic Games Poster for Fortnite and the Avengers crossover Fortnite meets Thanos

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