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For Honor Year 3 Season 2 adds Hitokiri, a new Samurai

Published: 23:26, 23 April 2019
Picture of a Hitokiri in For Honor
For Honor

Ubisoft have announced Year 3 Season 2 content which includes a new fighter - Hitokiri, who will be joining the Samurai faction. The new hero will not be the only new content though, as existing heroes are due for a proper update.

Hitokiri will be arriving immediately with the Year 3 Season 2 of For Honor for all available platforms - PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The season itself will arrive 02 May 2019 but Hitokiri will be available only to Year 3 Pass holders though, while the rest of the players will have to wait until 09 May 2019.

Year 3 will apparently bring more heroes for the duration of it, confirming that Hitokiri is not the last hero this year.

Speaking of the hero, Hitokiri will cost 15,000 Steel for those who want to unlock it. The archetype will feature both male and female versions, Yato and Sakura, respectively.

According to the official description, the Hitokiri are ghostly warriors who have lost all faith in humanity. Whether they are actual ethereal beings is not explained, but getting decapitated by a Peacemaker will probably put that question to rest.

Hitokiri's weapon will be Masakari, an axe used to execute criminals. The axe is said to spread a black cloud that can terrify enemies but it remains to be seen if this will be some form of crowd control ability.

Existing classes will receive a few reworks apparently, in order to get the older ones up to speed. Lawbringer and the Raider are the first targets for these updates but no details are available as of yet.

Ubisoft Knights fighting each other in For Honor For Honor - Knights vs Knights

The launch of Season 2 on 2 May 2019 will feature a new map, Canopy, that will be available to all players.

While For Honor is not doing as well as other Ubisoft titles, it is good to see the developers sticking with their game the same way Massive stood by The Division until they hit the nail on the head with the 1.8 update. 

For Honor, action-fighting title developed by Ubisoft North

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For Honor

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