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For Honor Season four: Frozen Shores launch date has been revealed

Published: 18:49, 02 December 2021
Updated: 18:52, 02 December 2021
For Honor - Season 4 Frozen Shores
For Honor - Season 4 Frozen Shores

For Honor is gearing up to welcome its latest season. Frozen Shores will be followed up by a loaded Title Update and a round of Testing Grounds.

For Honor Year 5 Season 4 titled "Frozen Shores" will be going live on December 9, 2021. Ubisoft plans to let the dust from the launch settle before unleashing For Honor's Title Update 2 on January 27. Title Update 2 will introduce a new hero, fresh experiences and rewards.

Frostwind Celebrations

The Frostwind Celebrations event will take place from December 9 until December 30. During the limited-time event, players will be able and welcome to progress through a Free Event Pass and fight for access to a bunch of rewards including but not limited to a Paired-Emote, new Battle Outfit, an Effect and an Ornament. 

There will also be a bunch of lootable weapons, and players can also choose to spend money on a Battle Pass that comes with some new Battle Outfits, Ornaments, Execution, Podium and Effects. 

Testing Grounds

Expect improvements coming for the Shinobi when Frozen Shore goes live on December 9. For Honor will also throw another round of Testing Grounds - available for December 30 until January 6. The focus will be on the Dominion game mode and Conqueror this time around. Changes for Dominion will include capture speed, renown, hard points and other UI improvements.

Title Update 2

Title Update 2 will arrive on January 27, 2022. The update will bring a new hero, limited-time events and rewards. The Covenant Games will return and allow players to engage with the Carousel of Horkos game mode. The rewards here include a Battle Outfit, an Ornament and, as if that wast plenty already, an Effect.

Be advised that the Throwback event that is the Black Prior’s Riposte, will also bring back original rewards and weapons. 

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