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For Honor getting new Wu Lin hero Sun Dha of Zhanhu in Season 4

Published: 10:56, 01 November 2019
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Ubisoft's medieval brawler For Honor is heading for Season 4 and the dev announced that Wu Lin, the faction introduced in the Marching Fire expansion, will be getting a new recruit called Sun Da, who wields a long, Changdao blade.

"Strong and fast, the Zhanhu excel at following up their dodges with quick attacks, and rely on their mobility and long, single-edged Changdao blade to outmaneuver their opponent", Ubisoft wrote. 

Now, Changdao blades can be talked about for days and Ubisoft seem to have done their homework. In short, these blades have a long history and were often used by elite strike teams, as their size and length lent themselves well to the task of cutting the enemy up before they knew what hit them. 

Ubisoft mentioned that the Zhanu are masters of artillery, which means "they also bring devastating new feats to the battlefield."

As far as the story goes, a sandstorm that hit the Wu Lin territories drove many of the Zhanhu away. "Others stayed behind with the Emperor to rebuild an army. Among them, Sun Da, leader of the Zhanhu, found new ways to use fire in his laboratory at Qiang Pass."

For Honor players who have purchased the Year 3 Pass will get to play the Zhanhu right from launch, meaning from 7 November 2019. If not, you can pick the new hero up for 15,000 Steel, but note that you'll have to wait until 14 November. 

Along with For Honor's Season 4: Sun Da come different hero and feat balances and other changes. "In addition to the new Hero, Season 4 includes a new Breach map, Qiana Pass, featuring a great Wu Lin fortress situated on a narrow mountain pass", Ubisoft said.

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