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Vostok Games have released first look Fear the Wolves screenshots

Published: 17:58, 31 May 2018
Vostok Games
Some people are shooting each other up in Fear the Wolves
Fear the Wolves

Vostok Games are gearing up for Fear the Wolves' early access stage and to that end, they have released five screenshots of apparent in-game footage. These showcase characters, weapons, supply drops and some of Chernobyl's mutated animals.

For those unacquainted, Vostok Games are comprised of several developers who worked on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, which means Fear the Wolves will likely be an equivalent of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with one testicle. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series reached their popularity for high and decrepit area of Chernobyl while exploring the anomalies, getting rich in the danger zone as well as interacting with its denizens and ultimately deciding their fate.

Fear the Wolves seems to have kept the atmosphere of the Zone, even though we're not sure if the name will carry over, but there will be no interaction with the inhabitants to complete the package. Decisions in equipment will not be tied to whether players allied with Duty or Freedom, but the luck of the draw. 

On the other hand, the indeed looks fantastic, but it brings up the question of whether these screenshots have been tampered with. The graphics are seemingly high end which means high strain on players' GPUs and since it's a battle royale with 100 people in it, the graphics cards may as well start crying now. PUBG for example doesn't look nearly as good and the game is still known for terrible performance. 

There is currently no way to know whether Vostok Games have an ace in the hole when it comes to optimising their game, but I still find it hard to believe we will have those graphics and a pile of player models that need to be loaded. We will know for sure once the game goes into early access, which Vostok Games have confirmed will be at some point during summer 2018 with an eventual release later in the year.

Vostok Games Players are shooting each other up with AKs in Fear the Wolves Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves will attempt to break the mold of the battle royale genre by avoiding the "circle" that's employed in PUBG and Fortnite, but rather a "toxic fog" that will close in on players in an unpredictable manner and will have a number of severity levels, depending on the location.

Mutated creatures have also been confirmed, and they will presumable be NPCs, but they may add some flavour and a nice twist to the game. Players will only be able to acquire top-notch gear by venturing through radioactive zones that will be deadly to those without proper protective equipment. More details and full screenshot gallery can be found on the .

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