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Field of Valor returns to Black Desert Mobile for a limited time

Published: 17:11, 31 March 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile players liked the Field of Valor event enough the first time it was around that Pearl Abyss decided to give it another run in the game, for a limited time.

Field of Valor is coming back on Black Desert Mobile. It was available at the time of writing and will go on for a limited run. The first time it was available was in late February 2020 and is, therefore, making a return just short of a month later.

The rules remain the same - five players group up and take part in a 30-minute long battle against various monsters. In other words, you might call it a horde mode. Participating in the mode will cost Tokens of Valor, which can be earned via log-in rewards.

Keep in mind that the amount of loot is the same for the party so don't worry if someone appears to steal your kill - it will not diminish your own reward.

According to Pearl Abyss, this incarnation of the event should be "bigger and better" than the previous one. Large amounts of Ancient gold coin and silver will be on the line for those who dare venture forth.

Field of Valor event will overlap with The Dark Knight event, meaning the players will have more than one option when it comes to earning goodies. Levelling up the Dark Knight will also award High-Grade Crystal Chest, Good Black Stone Sack as well as Shakatu's Mystical Key.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile screenshot showing Dark Knight class Black Desert Mobile

Overall, don't forget to claim your log-in rewards, regardless of whether you plan on participating in the Field or not.n

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