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Ancient Ruin Season 2 arrives to Black Desert Mobile

Published: 17:09, 14 April 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced that the popular co-op boss raid mode Ancient Ruin is going into its second season in Black Desert Mobile with a new boss. A quest and gear and more will follow.

Ancient Ruin Season 2 is kicking off with a new, even more powerful boss, Kabuamilles. Some players have already crossed paths with this one but it is not the same old chump you dispatched previously.

Apparently, he is back and more powerful than before and bears the Protector title. If the players manage to beat Ancient Ruin and defeat Kabuamilles, they will learn more about his lore and earn precious loot.

Players can get a Bounty Mission quest from the notice board in Southwest Calpheon, provided they completed the region's story quest. Beating the bounty one will yield useful rewards such as Black Stone, Shakatu Exchange Certificate and Standard Palette. Adventurers can pick this quest up twice a day and the rewards are randomised.

Camp blacksmiths can now produce JIN Liverto Gear. The players will need to spend Magical Residue and two pieces of Socket Mystical gear in order to produce JIN Liverto items. On top of fancy stats, this gear also boasts an additional socket for a magical crystal.

One interesting piece of the patch notes are the Tier 5 pets, which can be acquired by exchanging Tier 4 pets. They will have better attack and defence scores, do more damage and a better silver drop rate.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile - Dark Knight Black Desert Mobile - Dark Knight

You can check out the full patch notes on Black Desert Mobile's website. 

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