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Black Desert Mobile gets North Mediah region

Published: 20:41, 03 March 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile - Node War pre-season banner
Black Desert Mobile - Node War pre-season

Pearl Abyss has expanded Black Desert Mobile by another area, called North Mediah. As per usual, it will contain new quests, stories and a bunch of other content.

North Mediah is available to Black Desert Mobile players as of 3 March 2020. Pearl Abyss announced the area will be populated by brand new content, quests and stories that the players can enjoy.

It wasn't that long ago that the developers launched the Ascension feature where the player characters would gain access to new skills. With North Mediah, players who completed it for their characters can enjoy useful items in the new area, such as the skill books that they need.

Everyone will also gain be able to farm Abyssal gear which is universally useful, regardless of the class. Furthermore, the maximum enhancement level will be increased to 40 so crafting will offer even better gear for those willing and in possession of enough patience.

Patrigio will also now carry mystical gear and weapons, providing players with another source of useful items. In case you don't have enough silver for purchasing items from Patrigio, you can offer other items in order to reduce the silver cost. It's a proper bartering system with this guy.

Ancient Maze is making an appearance and the players will be able to participate in this activity for the duration of the event. The activity consists of five levels in total where players can decide whether they want to continue after completing each one.

Parl Abyss Black Desert Mobile - Ascension update Ascended characters could use a few books from North Mediah

Keep in mind that the reason you have the choice of continuing or leaving is that dying on the next level means you come out with nothing. However, each level has special rewards, including a new pet.

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