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Egress closed beta date announced, applications open

Published: 18:18, 20 July 2018
Picture of the Guardian in Egress the upcoming game by Fazan

For those unacquainted, Egress is the upcoming battle royale featuring a combat system that aims to mimic the Dark Souls one. Closed beta for the game will start on 01 August 2018 and beta applications are still open at the time of writing.

Fazan Games, the developers behind Egress, have announced the closed beta in order to test the game further. They have recently completely due to people asking them to do so on one of the gameplay videos on YouTube, but there is only so much YouTube feedback can do.

If a battle royale with Dark Souls combat system sounds like something up your alley, you can sign up for the closed beta on the . According to Fazan, Egress also supports Xbox controllers on PC. The game will not only feature a unique combat system for a battle royale, but the way playable zone shrinks is somewhat different as well.

The city players will be duking it out in is apparently above a body of water and the water level will keep rising as time goes by. With that in mind, you can expect a lot of verticality so you may want to brush up on your X and Y axis orientation. On top of verticality, no pun intended, players will apparently be able to explore different buildings as they will be able to enter them as well as sewer tunnels.

Egress will be class based, which should bring more diversity to each match. It is currently unknown whether different classes will have abilities to help them climb the city while the playable area is shrinking but some of their other abilities have been vaguely described, alongside their lore on Fazan's official and pages.

Fazan Games Egress Egress

Solo and team up modes have been announced but it is not clear yet whether the team up mode will mean duos or bigger squads. It is also unknown whether team up modes will be available from get go when closed beta starts, but they should be expected before the game enters Early Access stage on Steam.


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