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Fallout Shelter Online is now available on Google Play

Published: 09:09, 01 June 2020
Fallout Shelter Online
Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter Online is now available for download in select Asian countries and will be playable in roughly one hour from this article's publishing.

Fallout Shelter Online is the official sequel to Bethesda's last well-received title in the post-nuclear universe, Fallout Shelter. It is currently only available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. Technically it's only available for download at the time of writing as the actual launch time was 10:00 AM GMT / 2:00 PM KST & JST / 1:00 PM GST.

The game will expand on the foundations laid by the original Fallout Shelter as it will keep the vault building aspect while also adding new locations, campaign and multiplayer.

Players will be able to recruit many iconic characters from Fallout 4, such as Nick Valentine, Magnolia, Strong, Dogmeat, Elder Maxson, Shaun, Cait, Hancock, Deacon and more.

These characters will not just simply fit together when you add them as different combinations of heroes can unlock certain Bond effects which will give them better proficiency. Bonds are not global bonuses though and will only offer advantages over certain enemy types.

Several key locations from Fallout 4 will also be added. The devs already offered some glimpses of the Sanctuary Hills, Red Rocket Gas station and Diamond City.

Raiders, Super Mutants, Deathclaws and other hostile creatures will stand in players' way when exploring the wasteland but that will not be all. Since this is an online game, PvP has also been introduced. There is the possibility of making friends with other players or challenge them to a duel.

Fallout Shelter

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Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter
Bethesda's Fallout Shelter

FSOL is promising a lot but it remains to be seen if it will manage to deliver. As a reminder, the game is available only on iOS and Android devices and only in the aforementioned Asian countries for the time being.

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