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Bethesda launching Fallout Shelter Online but only in China

Published: 15:30, 30 May 2019
Bethesda Softworks
Screenshot of a vault in Fallout Shelter in its hive-like glory
Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter

Bethesda are preparing their first post-76 Fallout but unfortunately for the West, it's only available in China. We're talking about Fallout Shelter Online, which is more like a juiced up version of the original, with some PvP additions.

Fallout Shelter Online's annoucnement and two trailers have been caught by JuiceHead, a Fallout enthusiast channel, and you can check his video out above. 

Now, the irony of the next Fallout game being exclusive to China has been pointed out immediately. In case you're not familiar, Fallout is set in the post-apocalyptic world caused by a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and China.

That, however, shouldn't be too much of a problem in China because Fallout Shelter Online doesn't exactly go into detail during the cutscenes that were in the game's beta.

Most of the promotional material for Fallout Shelter Online follows the format of Fallout 76 trailers, the ones going for old animation and announcers. For what it's worth, it doesn't seem to be recycled, but specifically made.

The core of Fallout Shelter Online remains the same - you're running a shelter and trying to have as much people, productivity, weapons and the rest.

Where the Chinese version expands on the original experience are capabilities to kit out a crew and even use their special abilities while assigning them chores across the world of Fallout Shelter Online. 

With that comes the ability to join guilds and partake in PvP battles and, as JuiceHead explained in the video, we're basically talking about other, more RPG-oriented elements from the Fallout franchise added to Fallout Shelter.

At the moment, the chances of Fallout Shelter Online coming to the West are practically zero, as Pete Hines confirmed that the game has been developed in China and for the Chinese market. 

Bethesda In-game PvP screen from Fallout Shelter Online Fallout Shelter Online

According to Todd Howard, Fallout Shelter has been played by more than 120 million players so far, earning $ in the process.

This is more than all the other Bethesda games combined, and we reckon that number is about to get a huge boost soon.

Fallout Shelter

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Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter
Bethesda's Fallout Shelter

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