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Fallout Shelter 1.8 update details

Published: 20:53, 07 October 2016
Updated: 21:02, 07 October 2016
Railroad recipe fragment

Bethesda's foray into mobile gaming gets another welcome update

Fallout Shelter 1.8 is the major new update for the mobile game since August 2016, and it brings in a welcome new batch of quests, in addition to Themed rooms, which is the only vault update.

You will be able to build room themes based on 4 factions. Only way to acquire recipe fragments and unlock rooms is via questing. Nice feature is that themes can be turned on and off, so you're not locked in. Full list below: Railroad recipe fragment Railroad recipe fragment

Room Themes: Players can show off their Fallout 4 allegiances by building the new room, the Theme Workshop, which enables the crafting of room themes based on the four Fallout 4 factions – the Minutemen, the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute. Crafting recipes for these themes will be found on Quests, and players can turn themes on and off at will.

New Quests: Update 1.8 brings a fresh batch of Quests – including upcoming special event Holiday Quests – to keep Dwellers busy finding upgrades and gathering resources from the Wasteland.

Holiday Festivities Coming to the Vault: For the second year in a row, holiday celebrations will return to the Vault for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Starting in October, Halloween-themed outfits will appear as Quest rewards and spooky room themes will become available for a limited time.

iMessage Stickers: Since their release in September, Fallout Shelter players on iOS 10 have been sharing exclusive Fallout Shelter stickers to dress up their messages with friends. Update 1.8 brings a new batch of stickers, including a set of Halloween-themed stickers just in time for the holiday.

Fallout Shelter is available on , , and PC (direct, via ) Theme workshop has arrived in 1.8 Theme workshop has arrived in 1.8

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