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Fallout Shelter earned $93 million in revenue, mostly from mobile

Published: 13:41, 08 August 2018
Promotional image for Fallout Shelter showing people migrating to a vault
Fallout Shelter

Bethesda seem to have hit the jackpot back in 2015 when they released Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android. The game has amassed over $93 million in the three years following its launch, and most of the revenue came from mobile platforms.

Fallout fans will get to experience Fallout 76 during QuakeCon 2018 which is happening from 09 to 12 August 2018 and while some are hyped up to try the new game, others are pessimistic because it will have neither mod support nor single player modes. This prompted players hoping for the latter to wonder what the actual reason for this title was, usually coming to the short but precise answer - money.

What set Bethesda off to attempt to actually make a base building, money making, Fallout experience on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might actually have its roots on mobile devices. Fallout Shelter turned out to be a major success for them ever since its launch in 2015, and the $93 million it made so far may have been a catalyst for Fallout 76.

According to Sensor Tower, Fallout Shelter has managed to keep a steady monthly revenue all this time, with the record for a single day revenue being $237.000 on 14 September 2015. Fun fact - the $93 million mentioned are from mobile devices alone, even though the game is available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well.

The highest spenders seem to be players in North America, who make up for 59 per cent total revenue on Fallout Shelter for mobile devices. Split between Google Play and App Store for iOS is relatively even, with 51 per cent revenue coming from Android devices and 49 per cent from iOS.

Bethesda Softworks Screenshot of a vault in Fallout Shelter in its hive-like glory Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter

Sensor Tower predict that Fallout Shelter revenue on mobile devices will reach a total of $100 million before the end of 2018, provided that the microtransaction pace doesn't slow down for unforeseen reasons. So, ever thought why we are getting a mod-less, but microtransaction heavy Fallout title? These numbers should serve as a good indicator.

Unless you count Bethesda's Abomination Club as modding of course.

Fallout Shelter

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Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter
Bethesda's Fallout Shelter

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