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Fallout 76 Night of the Moth Update introduces a new seasonal event

Published: 08:45, 02 October 2021
Fallout 76 Night of the Moth Update - a new seasonal event
Fallout 76 Night of the Moth Update - a new seasonal event

Fallout 76's Point Pleasant is the place to be if you wish to score some new themed plans in exchange for enabling the Enlightened to summon the Wise Mothman.

Fallout 76's Public Test Server is now home to the Night of the Moth Update. The latest patch aims to introduce a new seasonal event to the game, and it's all about the Wise Mothman.

New Seasonal Event - Mothman Equinox

A group of Mothman's followers are trying to summon the cryptid at Point Pleasant. Players will be encouraged to help them by fighting off any threat to the ritual and earn Mothman's favour.

Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 - Spread the Love event
How to start the Mothman Equinox event in Fallout 76
  • Follow in the cultists' footsteps and visit Point Pleasant in the Forest region of Appalachia every hour at the top of the hour to take part in the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event.
  • The event will kick off after you've exchanged a few words with Interpreter Clarence on the roof of the Mothman Museum.
  • Team up with other Dwellers to protect the Enlightened by completing a bunch of tasks you'd usually associate with a ritual: lighting ceremonial bonfires and defending against an onslaught of rival Mothman Cultists.
  • Head back to Mothman Museum’s roof if you manage to complete all your tasks before the timer runs out. There, you'll complete the final step of the summoning, speak with the Mothman and get some new themed plans as a reward.
  • Point Pleasant is a treasure trove of information about the enlightened so be sure to dig around while there.
  • While the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event is live, you'll meet Cultist High Priests all over Appalachia. Eliminate the priests for a chance at some more Mothman Cult themed rewards, just watch out for their shadow pets.

The Night of the Moth Update is currently only available on Fallout 76's Public Test Servers.

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