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Fallout 76's Xbox One gameplay videos crop up early

Published: 07:46, 09 October 2018

Bethesda are amping things up in preparation of Fallout 76's beta, or Break it Early Test Application as they like to call it, and we now get to see how the game looks in action, as 30-40 minute gameplay videos from Xbox One cropped up.

The video follows Fallout 76 characters from the creation screen, face carving included, through the remains of what seems to have been a great party into the remains of what seems to have been a great world. Just kidding, it still is by the looks of it, especially with the autumn vibe Bethesda seem to be projecting.

As pretty as the new West Virgina may seem though, we don't really see Fallout 76 sporting 16 times the detail of its predecessor, despite Todd's best verbal attempts to convince us. Maybe he specifically meant the PC version or something.

As far as the feel goes, Bethesda didn't lie about the game's core still following Fallout's singleplayer, as it truly feels like it at about skin depth. Yeah, that's even when you're in a merry band of raiders or whatever, because you're still scavenging and looting to make more stuff. This may sound like it would be more at home in MMO territory, but if Bethesda say it's Fallout, it has to be, right?

Taking everything you have with you is no longer an adage, as Fallout 76 lets you lug your entire base around with you, which again reeks of singleplayerism. You start with nothing and work your way up, which is what many Fallout fans feared will be lost in the new multiplayer instance.

In case you're interested in taking part in Fallout 76's beta, you can learn more .

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