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Fallout 76's Update 22 adding One Wasteland, Daily Ops, Legendary Perks

Published: 18:21, 15 September 2020
Fallout 76 - Armor Ace Power Armor
Fallout 76 - Armor Ace Power Armor

Bethesda are rolling out Fallout 76's Update 22 today, adding a bunch of new features like One Wasteland, Daily Ops, Legendary Perks and kicking off Season 2.

One Wasteland

One Wasteland should make Fallout 76 far more enjoyable when playing in groups with players of varying levels. Wasteland's monsters will dynamically adjust their levels to match the players they're fighting, so all players get challenged properly at the same time.

Same goes for Fallout 76 creatures' damage, health, resistances, and, of course, the resulting loot and XP. Even though creatures retain their minimum and maximum levels, Bethesda said they're more flexible overall.

Daily Ops

Update 22 also adds Daily Ops, which Bethesda describe as "instanced, randomized, and repeatable encounters" best suited to players above level 50. Note, however, that the weapon and armour condition damage is reduced by 50 per cent in Daily Ops, and completing them within 16, 12 or 8 minutes will affect the quality of rewards.

The first mode is called Uplink, which has Fallout 76 players securing a series of Uplinks to track down and eradicate Appalachian threats. They'll be fighting enemies with unique mutations, or in other words - much deadlier and challenging adversaries than usual. 

Fallout 76 players can expect the following locations, factions and mutations:

  • Locations: The Burrows, The Burning Mine, Valley Galleria, or Vault 94    
  • Enemy Factions: Super Mutants, Blood Eagles, or Robots    
  • Enemy Mutations:    
    • Piercing Gaze: This mutation is always applied to enemies the “Uplink” Daily Ops mode, and gives them greatly enhanced perception of players.    
    • Volatile: Enemies will explode on death    
    • Active Camouflage: Enemies will be cloaked when not attacking    
    • Resilient: Enemies can only be killed by a melee attack    
    • Freezing Touch: Enemy attacks will freeze players

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Daily Ops Fallout 76 - Daily Ops

Legendary Perks

Fallout 76 players beyond level 50 will find that the new Legendary Perk Cards allow for more powerful and diverse characters. 

First Legendary Perk slot unlocks at level 50, with the rest unlocking at levels 75, 100, 150, 200 and 300. If you have high-level characters, the Legendary Perk slots will unlock in accordance with their levels, but they're actually account-wide, so all your characters can use them.

Bethesda also introduced Legendary Perk Coins. They can be earned by scrapping unused Perk Cards (2 Perk Coins per rank), and used to upgrade your Legendary Perk Cards. 

You can find the full patch notes here .

Fallout 76 Season 2

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