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Bethesda's $80 Special Edition rum bottles are made of plastic

Published: 17:42, 28 December 2018
picture showing nuka cola dark bottles
Advertised vs shipped bottle

Bethesda is up for another round of backlash from fans after the first batch of Special Edition Nuka Dark rum bottles shipped recently. It turns out that fans paid 80 dollars for a simple glass bottle shelled in cheap plastic cover.

Those who spent $80 plus shipping on the Special Edition Nuka Cola Rum bottle are in disbelief after their high-quality product turned out to be a simple glass bottle in cheap plastic cover.

Reddit user Sardonyx-LaClay posted a photo of his bottle with a clear message to Bethesda. "I paid $80 for your special edition rum back in September, the least you could do is make the bottle glass," he wrote.

Bethesda's latest fail can also be found in many YouTube videos of disappointed fans who feel cheated after they paid such a high sum for a piece of plastic that looks nowhere near its value.

What's even worse is the pouring option. The glass bottle is actually a little bit shorter than its plastic disguise which makes it difficult to pour the rum without spilling it all over the place. Given tthe cost, it's almost certain that every wasted drop will only increase frustrations.

Some players say that a product of this quality shouldn't be advertised as a collector's item in the first place, while others are already requesting refunds from Bethesda and the Silver Screen Bottling company.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Special Edition Nuka Cola disappointed the majority of those who purchased it. Production and shipping were delayed many times which suggests that both Bethesda and Silver Screen Bottling had problems with the product since they started taking pre-orders.

Bethesda picture showing nuka cola bottles in fallout Nuka Cola Dark bottle in Fallout

This won't do Bethesda any good as they already have their hands full after the abysmal release of Fallout 76 and cheap nylon bags that were included in the game's Power Armor Edition. Another case of suspicious advertising practices.

After a whole bag of backlash, Bethesda offered proper which are currently in production. It remains to be seen if this Nuka Cola Rum situation ends in a similar way.

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