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Fall Guys' Season 3 theme will puzzle the community

Published: 15:19, 25 November 2020
Fall Guys Season 3 theme
Fall Guys Season 3 theme

Fall Guys Season 3 is coming up soon and the game's developers decided to have some fun with its theme. The image showcasing the theme has been broken into 300 pieces that will be shared with the fans across social media.

Fall Guys' dev team has been hard at work setting up the Blunderdome for the game's next season. With a bunch of rumours swirling through the Stumblesphere, they decided that it is now time to share the theme for Fall Guys Season 3.

The theme of Fall Guys Season 3 will need the game's community to come together and score clues that will fit like a puzzle. For that is the way of the Fall Guy.

In the team's own words, it's time for the #FallGuysSeason3 Jigsaw Challenge!

Mediatonic Fall Guys screenshot Fall Guys

The devs have put together an image that unveils the true nature of Season 3...and then smashed it into 300 pieces. Each piece of the puzzle will be given to chosen Fall Guys fans who take a moment to reply to some special messages on the following official channels:

If you reply to the message and get picked, you'll receive one of the numbered 300 image pieces. Keep an eye on the #FallGuysSeason3 and #JigSawus hashtags as the team will also be sharing some of the pieces.

Putting the puzzle together

After you score a piece of the puzzle you will need to reach out to your fellow players who were as lucky as you using the familiar #FallGuysSeason3 and #JigSawus hashtags. Coordinate your efforts, put the pieces in the correct order and find out the theme for Fall Guys Season 3.

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