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Fall Guys' detection system bans 1,500 cheaters in the last 24 hours

Published: 08:31, 11 September 2020
Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys' cheater problem was slightly diminished over the last 24 hours. The game's detection system has doled out an additional 1,500 bans. More robust detection system incoming.

When a game reaches a certain level of popularity, cheaters come out in droves and try to spoil the good, clean fun for everyone else. The devs over at Fall Guys HQ have started taking the necessary steps to root out the less-than-honest players from their wildly successful game.

An announcement shared on the Fall Guys official page reads: 

"We’re all about Fall Guys bringing tumbling fun to our amazing community and cheaters go against the spirit of the game. If your experience has been impacted by some of those bad beans out there, we’re really sorry. We are doing our absolute best to get you stumbling in harmony once again."

Measures being taken right now

The devs are expanding the current detection system to better handle the situation. The changes to the system have improved the likelihood of cheaters being spotted quickly and many existing cheats are no longer able to spoil the fun. 

An additional 1,500 cheaters have already been struck by the banhammer during the last 24 hours. This includes retrospective bans.

Mediatonic Fall Guys screenshot Fall Guys

Future changes

A major update to the Blunderdome is under construction. The upcoming patch will introduce an entirely new anti-cheat system. 

More information will come our way soon, but the devs have mentioned that the new system is the same one used by plenty of heavy-hitters in gaming, including Fortnite.

You can follow the Fall Guys Twitter account here and join the Fall Guys Discord server right here .

Fall Guys is now available for purchase for PC (via Steam ) and PlayStation 4.

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