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Fall Guys gets mid-season update with "unsafe bean per blade ratio"

Published: 22:31, 10 November 2020
Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys has a round of some fresh content for its players. The new goodies will keep things interesting until Season 3 arrives. Steer clear of the blades.

New Round klaxon - Big Fans

The sky-high race will leave little room for finesse as the round has officially been declared to have an "unsafe bean per blade ratio". 

The round's checkpoints will give the players some breathing room but taking risks is encouraged as they may yield some big rewards - or a swift and slimy demise. 

The Remix

Levels will now come in a variety of devious flavours with new obstacles popping up by chance to disrupt everything you thought you knew about your favourite Rounds.

New fixes and features

  • Hex-A-Gone issues...Hex-A-Gone! - There’s been instances of players unfairly falling through the tiles in this crucial Final Round. No more!
  • Hanging around on Fall Mountain - Another Final Round fix. A bug that occasionally had players clinging to the crown without victory has been squashed.
  • Precision jumping assured - We’ve solved an issue with jump inputs sometimes being eaten, particularly on Jump Showdown.
  • Around the world, around the world - Players can now select their desired Server Region, along with the option to choose your language in-game.

There are plenty more changes that you can read about in the Full Patch Notes .

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