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Exit the Gungeon is now available on PC and Switch

Published: 23:51, 17 March 2020
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Exit the Gungeon
Exit the Gungeon

Dodge Roll Games and Devolver Digital announced that Exit the Gungeon is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam. While a sequel to Enter the Gungeon, this one plays a bit differently but retains the heart of the game.

Exit the Gungeon is best described as the half brother of the previous entry in the series since the core concept is the same - players get into a bullet hell and shoot up enemies with enough different guns to make a firearm enthusiast stay on cloud nine for the entirety of the experience.

However, it differs from the original when it comes to the perspective of shooting things up. Exit the Gungeon foregoes the 2D format that imitates isometric perspective in favour of a proper sidescrolling 2D platformer bullet hell.

It has been released on Apple Arcade in 2019 where the game remained exclusive for quite a bit but now it's finally available on both PC and Steam. 

The aforementioned change may have been a factor in the different run times for the sequel but Dodge Roll reassured players that these have been adjusted due to revamped Gungeon. Increased room size, better room variety and more elevators spearhead these changes.

Spawns and enemy placements have also been altered in order to match the challenge that the veteran players could enjoy with the first game. Difficulty without pleasure wouldn't be that much of an improvement though and the devs thought of everything apparently. The new combo system will yield better guns faster and more money will be awarded to better combo runs.

On top of that, new character-specific hats will be available for those that get into the redesigned minigames. 

Exit the Gungeon is now available for $9.99 on Steam and Nintendo Store .

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