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My Friend Pedro is now available for PlayStation 4

Published: 14:53, 02 April 2020
Updated: 14:55, 02 April 2020
Devolver Digital
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My Friend Pedro

Deadtoast's shoot 'em up game My Friend Pedro just brought blood, bullets and bananas to PlayStation 4. The PS4 version of the game comes with additional Code Yellow content. The extra content brings game modifiers, a timer and more.

My Friend Pedro's developer studio Deadtoast, 22nd Century Toys and their imaginary friends Devolver Digital have announced that the acclaimed banana-hell shooter My Friend Pedro is now available on PlayStation 4.

My Friend Pedro is proud to call itself a "violent, bullet-ridden ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the command of a sentient banana". The game combines the cunning use of split aiming, slow motion, and the stylish window breach to deliver an exciting series of action setpieces in an explosive battle through the brutal underworld.

That, as they say, is not all as the PlayStation 4 version of My Friend Pedro will ship (or rather download) with some additional Code Yellow content.

The Code Yellow content brings fourteen game modifiers to the slow-motion gun choreography as well as some much-requested features like an in-game timer for speedrunners, an option to hide the in-game HUD, and more.

My Friend Pedro will let its players control both their weapons and their body. The game will also see you twisting through the air while aiming both hands at priority threats or lining up a perfect ricochet.

It's not all run and gun as My Friend Pedro also features motorcycle chases as well as physics-based puzzles. Those who find all this a bit too frantic can mellow things out by shifting into slow motion. The slow-motion mode will aid in accuracy and there's a handy GIF generator to make some social media-worthy shots.

My Friend Pedro is now available for PlayStation 4, PC (via Steam ), Xbox One and Switch .

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