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ESO to get better graphics and performance in future update

Published: 11:37, 14 August 2021
Bethesda Softworks
Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax has plenty of upgrades in store for Elder Scrolls Online as the players will finally be able to have nice eye candy with smooth frame rates.

Console generation switch puts many things in motion every time it occurs and some of the improvements carry over the PC version, provided a game has one. Elder Scrolls Online does and what the PC fans have been anticipating for years will now finally become reality as the devs are upgrading the game for the new generation of consoles and they saw fit to finally stop bottlenecking the PC community.

Namely, the multithreaded rendering on PC will finally become reality with Update 31, although in either a limit or unfinished capacity. The reason we mention this is that Zenimax specifically stated this will be a beta version and players will be able to opt-in or out of it.

That said, they asked as many players as possible to utilise the feature and send feedback to the devs in order to continue improving it in the future. Considering that players generally love smoother performance we have this feeling that everyone will jump in on the opportunity to grab a few more frames per second so let's hope not too many crashes and other glitches will occur.

The devs also warned the players about potential issues with addons that may not be compatible with the multithreaded setting so the issues will probably be most frequent with these alterations.

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