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Escape from Tarkov: Flea market closed and The Lab opened for everyone

Published: 11:24, 10 December 2021

Escape from Tarkov pre-wipe events are continuing as we approach the Sunday wipe. Battlestate Games just released the tweet with an article in Russian. So let's decrypt it.

Escape from Tarkov pre-wipe events started this week by A.I. bosses moving from their usual maps to populating other maps, so the usual flow was disrupted with bosses bringing in unique elements of change to every map.

What followed was all the bosses spawning together on Interchange, which produced some interesting battles in the last couple of days. 

And an hour ago, Battlestate Games dropped the following tweet in a form of a newspaper article, which is their most common way of communicating to players about in-game events:

Unless you are a native Russian speaker, I didn't do you any favours. Here is the rough translation :

Translation courtesy of twitter user Eddamantium Translation courtesy of twitter user Eddamantium

Long story short: The Lab will be open for everyone until the wipe

The Lab is one of the smallest maps in the game, usually accessed by an expensive keycard, and contains, hands down, the best loot in the game. Because of that, it is the most difficult map to play as it is mostly populated by fully-geared players who are running for that loot. 

Also, it is a very popular place among Tarkov's streamers, and its difficulty is marked as insane in-game by BSC. 

Testing tables in The Lab to loot Testing tables in The Lab to loot

Now is a great chance to get acquainted with the map if you are a new player, but keep in mind that along with Lab opening, the Flea market closed, so beware of losing your equipment if you didn't level up Traders or don't have a stash full of back-up gear.

I am not sure how much sense is there going into the Lab to loot, as we have a wipe in three days, and with the Flea market closed, but if you have the gear to spear, the next three days are going to be a whole lot of fun, where you will experience huge highs and lows as there will be a surge of players playing the map with everything to lose.

The Lab also doesn't feature regular SCAV's, but Raiders, who are an improved version of A.I. enemies with more health and better equipment. 

At this moment as we mentioned, almost all the bosses are at Interchange, and if we learned anything for earlier wipes, that will probably change and we will have one or more bosses on The Lab soon.

It would sure be fun to see how a new boss, Tagilla, finds his way around the corridors of the Lab.

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