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Escape from Tarkov: Airdrops are a permanent feature

Published: 13:39, 01 January 2022

The new feature introduced two days ago is here to stay and is not merely a New Year Event. It is also a totally different feature from currently ongoing Twitch drops.

The talk of airdrops in Tarkov has been a topic since at least 2017. when the number of users suggested introducing airdrops to bring more excitement to the raids. 

Battlestate Games first teased about airdrops in a podcast almost two years ago, in February of 2020, and finally, on the 30th of December, they added the first version of airdrops to the game

They revealed it with a newspaper post on Twitter and considering they usually announce temporary events that way, players thought airdrops are a part of New Year events.

However, the airdrops will be a permanent feature, as Pestily, most famous Tarkov streamer, announced during his Twitch live stream that Nikita, the C.E.O. of Battlestate Games, confirmed to him that airdrops are here to stay.

Pestily spotting the plane during live-stream Pestily spotting the plane during live-stream

  More about airdrops

Airdrops are released by visible airplanes in a form of a single 10x12 parachuting crate. They can happen at any time during the raid. Players have reported drops happening as soon as 5 minutes into the raid and up to 10 minutes left in the raid. 

Current loot consists of ammo, armors, rifles, backpacks, rigs, and a couple of medicine and clothing items.

Drops are happening on all maps except Labs and Factory, as they don't have any exteriors. The crates can fall almost anywhere on the map and don't have a predefined drop location.

Drops are marked by red smoke Crates are marked by a red smoke

Airdrops could be a new game-changer in the lifecycle of a raid as they will bring a new dynamic to the game. 

They are bound to attract players which means more player combats, even in less PvP oriented maps like Shoreline and Woods. As they can happen late in the raid, we should see more players staying longer in the raid instead of just running loot and extracting within 10 minutes of the raid.

Also, the 5th day of the New Year's Twitch drops event has just started, so tune in to your favorite streamer and receive a legendary loot, copy of a game, or trial keys.

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