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Epic teasing Fortnite announcement for The Game Awards

Published: 10:43, 04 December 2018
Updated: 10:45, 04 December 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite's new Season 6 location Haunted Castle
Fortnite, Haunted Castle

Epic Games seem to have a really big week ahead, starting with a Fortnite-related announcement they're planning for The Game Awards, which has nothing to do with Season 7 launch. Support-a-Creator program is getting more love too.

The Game Awards will have Fortnite take centre stage on Thursday at 9pm ET / 6pm PT and the show's producer Geoff Keighley already hinted that we'll be seeing something special by writing, "And oh yeah, keep your game close."

Now Epic's PR lead Nik Chester took it one step further by saying that it's got nothing to do with launching Fortnite's Season 7 either. Seeing as how Keighley's announcement also mentioned a "world premiere", we're obviously looking at something big.

We'd normally point at Fortnite: Save the World but Epic already that the paid side of Fortnite coin won't be launching as a free to play title in 2018. So, if it's not Season 7 or Fortnite: Save the World, what are we looking at here?

Players recently caught glimpses of waving from the drive-in cinema screen in Risky Reels, which seems to be the only obvious guess left at the moment. We'd love to be genuinely surprised by Epic though, so we guess we'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Epic are also "permanently extending" their Support-a-Creator program, where players could enter tags of their favourite Fortnite content creators and have them get a portion of the V-bucks they spend themselves.

The company said that the players' "response has been amazing" with millions of players taking part and more than 10,000 content creators being involved. Obviously, supporting your favourite Fortnite players can't go much more intimate than that, so it's no surprise Epic are extending the program.

Twitter Epic Games' announcement for The Game Awards Epic Games, The Game Awards

Fortnite's mobile fans who own iPhone editions XS, XS Max and XR can now enjoy the game in 60 FPS, although it's not set by default because it's quite taxing on the battery. Apparently, 60 FPS is coming to Android phones as well, although there's much optimisation work to be done.

You can find out more about Fortnite's mobile 60 FPS , while Chester's tweet is .


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