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Epic teases Fortnite Season 5 with what seems an Egyptian deity

Published: 19:30, 09 July 2018
Epic Games
Teaser for Fortnite's Season 5 showing a cat-like creature
Fortnite, Season 5 tease

Epic Megagames' sneakiness knows no bounds as their latest tease for Fortnite: Battle Royale's upcoming Season 5 shows the reality rift and a peculiar cat-like creature, opening up the floodgates of theories on what Epic exactly mean.

Now, we won't feign absolute understanding here because when it comes to Epic, nobody seems to know. Except of course those who sign NDAs but get their sorry behinds for blabbering the entire thing out to their friends, who in turn blabber it out on reddit.

My first instinct was that Fortnite's newly revealed Season 5 mascot is an Egyptian deity, with the mask's visual elements strongly suggesting their mythology. Eyeliner? Check. Menacing looks? Check. Golden ornaments? Check.

If this is the case, we're looking at the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who was the goddess of warfare before and after cultural unification, which resulted in her lore being merged with that of lioness warrior Sekhmet. The war part would seem to fit with Fortnite, right?

Funnily enough, while we're on the subjects of history and fun, Bastet's name is often mentioned in the fabled story of Persians winning the Battle of Pelusium by each holding a cat and since Egyptians were terrified of hurting what they believed was a sacred animal, they just lost.

Some users suggested the mask could be a Japanese Kitsune mask, which would mean it's a fox, rather than a cat. Their meaning is quite ambiguous in that they can be both good or evil, which would again fit perfectly into Fortnite. Unfortunately for that theory, I cannot find any Kitsune masks decorated with gold and they do seem a bit more round-ish, if you catch my drift.

Epic Games Fortnite's private eye-themed cosmetics from update 4.5 Fortnite

Either way, Fortnite's Season 5 is right around the corner, leaving us three more days to wave goodbye to the World Cup and see what Epic has got in store. Some users already went out of their way to replace all Fortnite's green grass fields with deserts and it looks pretty cool, even if it is a long shot at the moment. You can find in the first comment below Epic's twitter announcement .

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